Anthony McCall @ The Serpentine



Went to the most amazing exhibiton with a friend today. Sadly it’s the last day but if you ever get a chance to see his installations, do it!

The work is very interactive. The interplay his pieces have with you the audience is sublime. Really a unique experience.

Here’s a link


Beige Programming Ensemble


I was reminded the other day about these circuit bending types who works using the modified nintendo games.

The piece i especially like is the Super Mario Cloudz. What these guys did was break into the game cartrdige and re-program it so that the original game is left with only the clouds!

I always remember those cartridges being these impenetrable plastic boxes and had no idea how they worked. I mean its just a circuit board with a small chip in there. These guys re-solder the chips and re-program the game.

 Sadly i think the ensemble is now defunct but here’s the old website

installation magic


These guys are doing some really cool installation pieces for Terminal 5. Thanks Tom for the info!

Space Syntax

Ever wondered why some streets are really quite in the centre of town while foot fall is so heavy in adjoining roads?

Someone was telling me about it today, seems interesting.

gear ratios

wooden bike rims?

you could match it with this!

boooring, but useful!

a geek article to show you how to ‘rotafix’ your bike sprocket. 

i said it was boring!